Our memebers are our family here at Indain Trail Bow Club. Memebership to the club is more than a chance to practice your skills. It's a commitment to joining a group of indivduals who cherish the sport of archery and are commited to help the sport grow. 

Memeberships are offered on a yearly basis and inculde full access to the clubs gated ammenties. 

 An annual membership is $50.


Membership requirements inculde: 

  • Participation at club events 

  • Club event set up 

  • Attending once a month club meetings 

  • Three practice sessions with an existing club member (sponsor) 

  • Remain in good club standing


As a full memeber, you will have access to the clubs ammeties at your lesiure, which includes: 

  • ASA 3d Targets 

  • Offical Practice Range with shooting lanes to 60 yards 

  • "Fun" practice range with multiple target styles and yardages. 

  • Early access to club tournament shoots

  • Camping at the club property